FEMALE Lawyers & inequality

In order to know what you really want - you need to try out things to realize what you don’t like.

Yesterday evening at ”The Lawyer of the Year” event I realized once again why I’m not a fan of the traditional legal sector, there’s just a boring atmosphere breathing old traditions unwilling and or unable to change. This was my first and probably last time I went to this specifik event - and it wasn’t the actual event alone or the purpose with it that made it unbearable - it was rather the acting among the guests that felt less of a community and more of a staged party without any room for mistakes. THIS IS SO NOT ME!

You become aware of these social codes already when you apply for law school, at the point when you get accepted you already have a clear picture in your head on what is expected from you as a future female lawyer - it’s easy and it’s simple, so why would you question these traditional values? I would say - why not? Why wouldn’t you question the constant female discrimination and bullying within the legal sector? Why wouldn’t you question the inequality between genders? Why should the male partners dictate your future as a female lawyer? And last but not least, why are you as a newbie female lawyer letting the old traditions reflect on you? What makes you so afraid of bringing some color into the profession? Why are you so afraid of questioning the inequalities and harassments within the profession? Are you afraid you’re jeopardizing your position at the “well known” law firm - that you to begin with didn’t have a future within?

In order to make a real change, in order for you as a female lawyer to have an equal chance of becoming a partner you ought to point out the problems, shedding light on the issues and with a loud voice share your ideas on how to change the industry. You have to start today, don’t wait until tomorrow - bring out the 🐅 in you and dare to make the best out of your life. However if you’re content then so be it, but don’t make it harder for women that aren’t. 

Yesterday was again a reality check for me realizing why these group of people all dressed in dark waiting patiently in a dark room couldn’t share a smile or reach out to say hi to someone that is quite obvious unknown or new to them. The young female lawyers were laughing away their lives while their male colleagues were working on striking a partnership deal. Both actions were sad. I was mostly sad for the young women acting in a way they believe were expected from them - they were so focused on the act that they didn’t even know about the nominees, which surprised them and made them a bit confused when a girl with colorful hair climbed up on the stage because she got voted as the lawyer of the year. I couldn’t help myself to overhear how the discussions went on outside the venue among the female lawyers after it was revealed who won this year. All I can say is that we own it to all the future law students and female lawyers to make a more equal industry, were everyone is judged by their work and not by their gender.

We’re happy that Linnea Claesson was the one that got voted as the lawyer of the year. Not only because she’s a spokesperson for gender equality and human rights, but because she as a law student has more courage to make a difference for the profession then all the middle aged white males put together as partners at the Swedish’ most successful law firms.

Essie Majkowitz

CEO/ Founder/ Partner of Den Kreativa Juristen/ Virtual Work Sweden AB

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